7 Fall Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

The Natasha Engle Team October 20, 2016

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7 Fall Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Fall is the perfect time to get all of your home maintenance and winter preparation projects done. It is the time of year when things cool off and it gives you the best opportunity for accomplishing all you need to before the winter months. 

1. Check windows and doors

This is one of the easiest ways to save on winter energy bills and keep your house from getting cold. Make sure there are not cracks, leaks, or air Coming through windows sills, or door frames

2. Clean your heating and air conditioning.

Having your air conditioner and heater units cleaned twice a year-spring and fall- will help your family stay healthier and expand the life of your units. Once a year at very minimum!!!! A professional cleaning is inexpensive and takes a very short amount of time. Need a list of great vendors feel free to reach out!

3. Check your fireplace.

Many people still use wood burning or gas fireplaces in the winter. Do a visual inspection of your fireplace to make sure that it is good working order. Give it a test run at some point in the fall, before it gets cold, to make sure that it will functioning in the winter. Even-though down south we don't get to use ours that much it always better to be safe than sorry.

4. Clean your water heater.

This is something that most people never do but will help with the life of your water heater. You can clean it by simply draining it. Allow all of the water in the tank to come out. This will get rid of any buildup that is in the heater due to sediment and will help prevent it from building up during the winter.

5. Protect your hose.

To keep your garden hose from freezing and cracking empty it completely and disconnect it from the spigot. Moving it inside is also a good idea to help prevent your hose from freezing and getting destroyed.

6. Check your roof.

When prepping maintaining your home it is important to start from the bottom up. Take a look at your roof-even from the ground- and see if there are any missing shingles or holes in the roof. Also remove any debris from the roof. Make sure your gutters are clear of leaves, sticks and debris. 

7. Clean out the garage.

Make sure that any unused gas in equiptment is removed and stored propertly. Allowing the gas to sit in the fuel tanks can cause sediment in the tank and can potentially ruin the equiptment. Since it may be out of use for months, fall is a good time to do this. 

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